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Does your company accept credit card payments from government agencies (GSA SmartPay), educational institutions, or large corporations? If you do then you are taking Purchase Cards.

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How Much Can Processing Level 3 Data Save You?

Visa Interchange Example

Cost for a $1000 transaction without Level 3 Data: $27.90 or 2.79%


Cost for a $1000 transaction with Level 3 Data: $19.90 or 1.99%

MasterCard Interchange Example

Cost for a $1000 transaction without Level 3 Data: $27.70, or 2.77%


Cost for a $1000 transaction with Level 3 Data: $19.10, or 1.91%

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Level 3 data card processing requires special payment solution that is capable of sending the additional line item detail requirements. Traditional credit card terminals do not support Level 3 data.


LIMA3 Systems was designed from the ground up to support level 3 Data. Whether you need to provide level 3 detail or if you are just interested in reduced rates, we have a solution for you.

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What Information is in Level 3 Data


Data Element Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Merchant Name
Transaction Amount
Transaction Date
Customer Code  
Total Tax Amount  
Ship From Zip Code    
Destination Zip Code    
Invoice Number    
Order Number    
Freight Amount    
Line Item Detail of Purchase  

LIMA3 Services


Level 3 Virtual Terminal

L3PAY takes the pain out of submitting transactions with line item detail.  L3PAY is the fast, simple way to process your business and government payments.


AR Integration Made Easy

You no longer need to spend the time keying your invoices into L3PAY.  L3CONNECT will pull your invoices into L3PAY making payment acceptance easy.  As transactions are approved, L3CONNECT will also update your AR software to reflect the invoice has been paid.


Going Beyond PCI

L3SECURE ensures the highest level of security by using a combination of payment data tokenization, data encryption, and fraud prevention.

Our clients'

  • LIMA3 Systems
    Innovative technologies.

    LIMA3 Systems is a best of class browser based payment application designed from the ground up to support the unique needs of the business to business and government marketplace. With a focus on Corporate and Purchase cards, LIMA3 automates the Level 3 submission process ensuring the best available interchange qualification.

  • L3PAY
    Level 3 Virtual Terminal

    Are you still using a stand-alone terminal or a virtual terminal that does not have the features that you need? In the B2B/G market more and more purchase cards, like the GSA SmartPay, to pay for goods and services. L3Pay is one of the few gateway solutions which can transmit Level III data.

    AR Integration

    Reduce duplicate entry through AR integration to L3PAY.  L3CONNECT makes card acceptance easy by pulling invoice information and synchronizing your payments into your AR system.

  • L3DATA
    Level 3 Data Made Easy

    Reduce cost and increase efficiencies with the LIMA3 Payment Portal. By utilizing any of the LIMA3 portal solutions, you can significantly reduce your cost of card acceptance by including Level 3 Data (line item detail) at the time of purchase.

    Visa and MasterCard require Level 3 data to qualify for the lowest interchange rates possible.  By transmitting level3 data you can save 30-40% on your processing costs.

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